Monday, January 7, 2013

::January 2013::

2010 was my last post, a long time ago. I am finding myself back here because I thought this would be a nice way for grandparents {and friends} see what we are up to, and also to see new pics of the boys.  I would prefer to blog surf or spend my time on Pinterest, rather than Facebook these days :) Here are a few new pics from January.
This past weekend we went downtown (Holland) the the ice sculpting contests. The artwork that came out of ice was amazing!

While we have gotten very little snow around here this winter, Gavyn is an outdoors kind of kid, and made a snowman out of what he and Tim had shoveled off the driveway. Where there is a will, there is a way :)

I also took the boys bowling on one of the last days of our Christmas break. We all had a blast! I was impressed with their scores; Gavyn ended with an 81, and Teagyn ended with a 69.

 My little score keeper, and the one who always makes weird faces when I take his pic :)

And now we were back to reality this morning. All of us back to school. The boys were more than ready to go back, and honestly, so was I. By the end of break they couldn't even look at each other without finding something to argue, fight, or bicker about. I am anxious to get this semester rolling as it is my next to last in nursing school. Yay!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

Pics from our hayride in through our friends subdivision on Halloween…the kids all had so much fun! This was the way to go, the kids could get on and off so easily! It was a blast!


















Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last night we took the boys bowling, for their first time! We all had so much fun! Gavyn is such a natural at just about anything he tries to do. He got an 81, and Teagyn had a 65. Awesome for their first times! :)

Today we are going to Tim's Mom's for dinner today, cant wait! Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I am back, I hope.....

Not sure if there is anyone out there to read this anymore, since I have been on such a long hiatus. But, I miss blogging. So.... here I go again! :)

We had a wonderful BUSY summer. Tim and I think that it is the busiest summer we have ever had together, well besides the summer we planned our wedding AND built our house LOL! We had weddings, the boys are just plain active, cookouts with friends, bonfires, camping, stayed at a cottage up north for a week in August, and spent a lot of time with our families; It was just an awesome! And now it is the middle of October already! I love fall, it is my favorite time of the year!

Tim is home now, we are selling of the semi and trailers- getting out of it. Long story short, it is just not where Tim needs/wants to be and that became clear to him on his last trip out west. I have missed him so much over the past year but, I just looked at it like it was something we had to do so I could finish school. And now we are putting back together our lives as they should be. The little things eating dinner together, and tucking the boys in bed and saying prayers together. Gavyn & Teagyn love it to say the very least!

School for me is going well. I am taking Anatomy & Physiology right now, it's a little tough but I like that I am actually learning things that pertain to my nursing degree. I am thinking of taking a full load next semester with Microbiology and A&P II. It makes me very nervous, but then I would be DONE with all of my prereq's. Leaving me June-Nov. with not having to take any classes until I get into the nursing program next fall. Hmmmm, I have a little time to think on it.

Gavyn is doing so good in school, he loves his teacher, as do I! She is assertive & amazing! Gavyn however, is just that kid that would rather be outside than in school. He already (at 4) tells me 'I don't want to go to school today' LOL! He never puts up a fight, just has to give us his opinion. He rides the bus in the mornings and secretly loves that!

Teagyn is in 3school 2 days a week 1/2 days and loves it too. I think we are over the crying hump now. Actually he did very well, no tears at all for the first 4 weeks, and then they had a practice fire drill. That alarm must have scared him really bad. Poor peanut! But this week he made progress, so I hope he is over it.

Maddie loves school with all of her might! She is doing gymnastics again, and moves and twists her body in ways I could never dream of. I hope she sticks with it, because she has so much to give to it. She is a passionate girl when she loves something. We still see about as often as before, not enough!!! It sucks, and we long for the days when she is older and makes her own decisions.

Present day, Tim and the boys are at our friends barn looking at the cows. Boy bonding time I guess you could say. I was 'invited' to go along, but as you can see I did not go, hehe! Maddie is coming over this afternoon, I am working 5-11 tonight. But, it is the weekend and I got to sleep in thanks to my wonderful husband! Tomorrow we are taking the kids to get pumpkins to carve. I love it! Brings back so many memories from when I was a kid.

Speaking of Halloween, I took the boys to get their costumes last week. Gavyn is going to be a Motocross guy, and Teagyn is going to be the cutest Clifford the dog you have ever seen. It is a big red fuzzy, warm costume. And so cute!

I post a few pics from the summer...and hopefully be back soon to get back into the swing of blogging again!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I have a few minutes this morning to blog, so I thought I would jump on it! Tim and Teagyn are sleeping in and Gavyn and I are waking up, watching cartoons and having coffee (yes, Gavyn too!) I know, it is not good for them at his age...but every once in awhile is okay, right?! He is just like me in more ways than one! LOL! I had a wonderful Mothers day, I woke up to a table full of flowers and cards. Gavyn andc Teagyn both got me Lilly's and Tim bought me a beautiful hanging basket. They each picked out their own and their cards for me! So precious! Tim went above and beyond to feel special yesterday! Later that morning, we went to Tim's Mom's and had dinner with her and her boyfriend (who we LOVE), Sam. And later in the afternoon my Mom, Grandma, and brother came over to our house. And, just before 8.......Maddie called "to wish me a Happy Mother's day"! I fought back tears! To think a year ago, we had not seen her for a few years and now she thought to call ME on Mothers Day! That meant the world to me.

My brother also brought his dirt bikes over, and Tim flipped it, of course! Just when he has been going to the chiropractor for the last month and finally getting his back problems straightened out, he does that! Uhg, men I tell ya. He's okay, just sore! And is going back to the Chiro this morning....we will see what he thinks about him doing that, lol!

Last week, I finally broke and let Gavyn get a couple gold fish at the store. He has wanted them for some time, but I was just not ready to take care of them- MYSELF! Haha! So we had a fish bowl and net from "Johnathon" -who was Maddie's fish when she was little. So, all we need were some rocks. I am surprised at how well Gavyn is taking care of them, he feeds them -the right amount- without my even asking. He is growing up waaayy to fast.

Tonight Gavyn has soccer, Tim will most likely leave Tuesday morning and I start my summer class on Thursday! I am not ready to go back to it just yet, I have enjoyed these 2 weeks off immensely! I will have lecture two days a week for three hours! Ugh, that seems like such a long time! I am however, a little excited to be in-seat for this class. I have taken on-line classes for the past few semesters, so this will be a good change!

I hope that all of you mothers had a wonderful Mothers day like I did!