Monday, January 7, 2013

::January 2013::

2010 was my last post, a long time ago. I am finding myself back here because I thought this would be a nice way for grandparents {and friends} see what we are up to, and also to see new pics of the boys.  I would prefer to blog surf or spend my time on Pinterest, rather than Facebook these days :) Here are a few new pics from January.
This past weekend we went downtown (Holland) the the ice sculpting contests. The artwork that came out of ice was amazing!

While we have gotten very little snow around here this winter, Gavyn is an outdoors kind of kid, and made a snowman out of what he and Tim had shoveled off the driveway. Where there is a will, there is a way :)

I also took the boys bowling on one of the last days of our Christmas break. We all had a blast! I was impressed with their scores; Gavyn ended with an 81, and Teagyn ended with a 69.

 My little score keeper, and the one who always makes weird faces when I take his pic :)

And now we were back to reality this morning. All of us back to school. The boys were more than ready to go back, and honestly, so was I. By the end of break they couldn't even look at each other without finding something to argue, fight, or bicker about. I am anxious to get this semester rolling as it is my next to last in nursing school. Yay!


Kirsten Carlson said...

Welcome back! Your boys are so ctue!!!! And growing up too fast!

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